Every year, we present awards to organizations and individuals in our network who are leading the way in workplace health and safety. All applications are carefully reviewed by our advisory board — a team of experts from private, nonprofit, and academic backgrounds — and award winners are announced at our annual event. Start practicing your best drum roll beat!

We are now accepting applications! Submissions are due May 3. To be eligible, your organization must enroll in Health Links and complete the Healthy Workplace Assessment™ by March 31.

Awardees receive:

  • Marketing materials including a video spotlight and professional photographs*

  • Recognition on our website

  • An award plaque

  • One free ticket to attend our annual event

*Only applies to certain awards.

Have questions? Check out these FAQs.

Governor’s Award

We partner with the Governor’s Council to select the finalist and winner of the Governor's Award for Worksite Wellness. This award is given to one organization that is leading the way in creating a culture that supports employee health, safety, and well-being. Nominees for this award are selected based on their scores on our Healthy Workplace Assessment and reviewed by the Governor's Council.

Halo Award

The Halo Award is our most prestigious award. This award recognizes one Certified Healthy Workplace Leader, our highest level of certification, that is going above and beyond to improve the health and safety of their employees, their employees’ families, and their community. Any current Certified Healthy Workplace Leader is eligible for this award.

Champion of Innovation Award

The Champion of Innovation Award recognizes one organization that is taking a fresh, innovative approach to promoting health and safety in their workplace. Any current Healthy Workplace, at Leader, Partner, Certified, or Kick-Start levels, is eligible for this award.

Director’s Award

The Director’s Award is given to an individual who demonstrates leadership in Total Worker Health®, an integrated approach to promoting the health, safety, and well-being of workers. Anyone who works for a current Healthy Workplace (at Leader, Partner, Certified, or Kick-Start levels) is eligible. Applicants may submit an application on their own behalf or for someone else.

Champion of Well-Being Awards

Our Champion of Well-Being Awards recognize one outstanding workplace in each of the three levels of Healthy Workplace certification: Certified, Partner, and Leader. Eligibility for this award is based current certification status and Healthy Workplace Assessment scores.

Nominees are selected by our team and advisory board and invited to submit supplemental application materials.