10:00–12:00pm      Pre-Event Workshop

12:00–1:00pm        Vendor Expo and Networking

1:00–1:15pm          Welcome Remarks

1:15–1:45pm          Kick-Off Speaker

1:45–2:30pm          The Employee Experience: Panel Discussion

We will be discussing how organizations can create positive experiences for their employees on and off the clock. From offering high-quality benefits to prioritizing diversity and inclusion, there is a lot that organizations can do to promote the health, safety, and well-being of their employees. 

2:30–3:30pm          Meet Your Mentors

Attendees will have the opportunity to meet with workplace health and safety leaders from different industries to ask questions and share lessons learned.

3:30–3:45pm          Vendor Expo and Raffle

4:45–4:00pm          Local Impact Stories

During this portion of the program, we will share stories about the impact healthy employers are having in our state.

4:00–4:30pm          Award Ceremony

At the end of the event, we recognize the Halo, Champion of Innovation, Director's, and Champion of Well-Being Award winners. Learn more about our awards and how to apply.


For information about sponsorship opportunities, please contact Michelle Haan at Michelle.Haan@Healthlinkscertified.org or 303.724.7814.